February 28, 2017

Should You Take A Stand With Your Brand?

SNL has been notorious for creating the quickest and wittiest parodies of hot topics in today’s society.


SNL has been notorious for creating the quickest and wittiest parodies of hot topics in today’s society. The video shown above was a skit put on post-SuperBowl LI to demonstrate the various brands and their approaches towards politically wavering topics. The overall concept played out by the two marketing teams and Cheeto executives is very much realistic when it comes to these large companies formulating new marketing ideas and content.

Here are a few questions to consider before your company takes a stand:

  • Do you have the authority to weigh into this subject?
  • Do you have set beliefs in your personal life that you’ve adopted into your company values?
  • When is okay and where are the boundaries when speaking to our audience about touchy subjects?
  • Who might you offend and what is their influence?
  • Are the issues you want to take a stand on aligned with your brand’s identity?
  • How do you message this content to still offer your core values while taking a stand

These are just a few questions to really think about before taking a stand on opinionated topics. The power of the consumer is strong and they’re usually never alone. When a company successfully messages their content and values towards a specific group, they create a culture. This culture grows and expands amongst various groups of people of different background and values  over time, but if the company can’t maintain their culture within their messaging… the consumer may be lost.

Be effective in your message and be clear on your values. As a company you want to always stand by your core values and what you’re built upon. Be careful not alienate people and have an open-minded approach when it comes to creating messaging around sensitive topics. Ultimately it’s about sharing your company’s opinion and values in a non-offensive, non-harmful, and effective way while maintaining true to your company’s culture.

To learn more about how you can message to your clients more effectively and build a culture around your company, feel free to reach out to us at Open Design.

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