Marketing & Strategy

Effective marketing an a custom strategy to fit your company

Digital marketing incorporates all marketing efforts carried out online.

Implementing an effective digital marketing strategy is one of the best ways to grow your company and generate leads. In today’s world, your customers are online every day, whether on social media, browsing on search engines, reading news or visiting their favorite websites.

Grow your company with effective marketing and strategies.

Social media, website traffic, lead generation, ad campaigns, email automation, and so much more! All valuable tools to have for your company, but who has the time to do it all? With an abundance of tools and resources, our team gives you a custom strategy to fit your company model without the hassel of figuring out what to do or where to start.


Each of our services are tailored specifically to the clients needs.

Most successful companies that experience continuous growth, have effective systems and strategies in place. Open Design offers an exclusive program CMOP (Chief Marketing Officer Program) to assist companies in just that. This is a systematic approach to your entire company, starting with laying a clear and strong foundation to market your company effectively. Ultimately this program will allow you to step away from the company to work ON the company for growth and not IN the company as an employee.


New platforms, ad types, and targeting capabilities are popping up all the time.

The goal of any ads strategy should be to get a positive return on your investment, which comes down to whether you're getting more revenue out of the ad campaign than the cost you're putting in. We can give you the steps you need to take,
or help you do it all! Let’s get started.

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