Let's Build A Foundation For Your Company


Tools To Grow And Scale Your Company


Change your company forever...

We understand you can grow your company, but without a strong foundation it will be difficult to scale properly. At Open Design, we start with your foundation and make sure you have the necessary tools and resources for your company. This allows your company to grow and scale, minimizing obstacles along the way.

Know Our Process

To best understand how we can help you grow your company, we must determine where your company is now and strategize an effective plan to reach your goals.

Get analysis of what's going on in your company

Discover areas in your company that are lacking

Learn simple marketing tactics to increase value

Discover how to best spend your budget

Learn how to enhance customer experience

How Does It Work?


Get more done for your company

Whether you’re looking to build a custom website, promote your company through social media, or create an effective marketing strategy, we can help you build a strong foundation that allows your company to scale.

Using custom built marketing campaigns and personal designs, we help you achieve results for your bottom line.

Schedule Call


Schedule discovery call

The first step starts when you make the decision to actively grow your company. Without you taking action, how else is your company going to grow?


Conduct discovery call

This call will last about 45 minutes. We will use this time to ask you questions to learn about your company, the goals you have, and where you are now.


Propose solution

After our call, we will recap our conversation with you and provide solutions for areas in your company that need attention. There is no obligation to sign up – either do it yourself or we can take care of it for you.


Get to work

Once you accept to work with Open Design, our team will be dedicated to your future success. With clearly laid out expectations and strategy, you are in the loop the entire time.


Review and refer

We love the work we do for our clients, and seeing growth in the clients we help is the biggest reward. We constantly review, revise, and improve our relationship with you. If you’re happy with our work, we encourage you to reach out to a company owner you know so they can experience the same growth and success we’ve shared with you.