May 20, 2021

How to Use TikTok for Your Small Business

Learn where to start when creating a TikTok for your business and what kind of content works best.

TikTok has become the next big thing in social media and can be an amazing tool to market your business. When TikTok originally started it was mostly used by the younger generations, ages 16 to 24, but as time goes on more diverse age groups are joining and taking advantage of this unique video platform. 

Here are a few tips to help you start taking advantage of TikTok.

Where to start?

Research! Look at other business’ content inside and outside your industry. Use the Discovery tab on TikTok to help you find trending hashtags and sounds. Then use those hashtags and sounds in your videos to help boost your views. 

Like any social media platform, the goal is to connect with your viewers to create a lasting relationship that keeps them as lifelong customers. 

What better way to connect with your audience than creating similar content to what you already know they like? A lot of content on TikTok is taking a trend and making it your own like participating in challenges such as dance routines. Most importantly, be authentic in your content and show your business’s personality. Don’t be afraid to have fun! 

Your viewers want to see fun, creative, and funny content on this platform.

Where do I start with content creation?

Your videos can range from 15 to 60 seconds. After recording or selecting your video you can cut it any way you'd like then add in trending sounds, text, and effects.

If you are talking in your videos or giving a lot of info we recommend adding captions through the text feature. Otherwise, there could be a large audience you are missing, and since TikTok doesn’t have a large caption area or description section it can be difficult to add more details.

Lastly before posting use the trending hashtags you researched to help get more views by attacking them in your small description section. 

There is an additional Allow Duet option that will let the viewer post a video split screen with yours, and Allow Stitch which lets them cut up your video. Keep these options in mind, some videos you may not want viewers to be able to cut up and use at their own will and out of context.

A great way to use hashtags is to create your own challenge as mentioned before. This will encourage other users to recreate the content using that hashtag and will show your video as part of the trend when the hashtag is searched or is placed on the Discovery page. 

What about advertising?

There are a few advertising options on TikTok. The first one is through influencers, which are just TikTok accounts that have a large following. Larger companies like using influencers because it’s a good bet that if the influencer likes your product or service their viewers will too. 

The second is advertising through TikTok’s new website called TikTok For Business which is set up much like Facebook Business Manager. This option can help you get a bit more refined with your audience. 

When setting up your advertisement you choose a category in which your ad fits, much like an interest on Facebook. Under that, you add your tags or hashtags. When tagging your ad you are categorizing it so people who like things in that category will see it on their For You page. 

When setting up your ad there is also an automatic placement option that will show your advertisement in all the applications TikTok owns. Keep in mind some of them are only available in some countries. 

If you are only using TikTok we recommend you select your placement.

Lastly, just like Snapchat, you can make a filter to go along with your campaign. Some companies have used a combination of these things to help achieve greater awareness.

For example, Bounty, the paper towel company, came up with a challenge of their own as I write this blog with #QuickerPickerRapper as their hashtag. They asked people to do their quickest rap in less than 40 seconds while using their Bounty branded timer filter. This challenge was started by Jason Derulo with Bounty as his sponsor, they even included Bounty as part of the rap lyrics. There are now 65.1 million videos using that hashtag to be part of the trend and they are all thinking about Bounty.

Creativity is at your fingertips! The important thing to remember is that on TikTok you don't have to come up with new content, if you liked how someone else did a video put your own spin on it, add your hashtags, and it's ready to go. 

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