July 7, 2017

Why do I need a website?

Simply put, a website is a connected group of web pages that together form a single entity; usually devoted to a particular topic.

What is a website?

Simply put, a website is a connected group of web pages that together form a single entity; usually devoted to a particular topic.

Most people know that, but what most people do not know is the benefits of having a website. As a business, you must know who your target audience is and make them aware of your product. The hard part is once they know about your business.

How do they reach you? Without a website, it would be virtually impossible.

Now, lets get down to down to the amazing benefits a website can offer. Websites are very cost effective. There is a set price to make and maintain a website that is not subject to change and once you strategically develop a proper website, you will see tremendous returns for your business. Websites are also available 24/7/365 and very convenient.

Having a website means that when store hours are closed and a customer wants to buy a product, they are still able to from the comfort of their home. The convenience of this will make customers order your product instead of waiting until the next day when the store is actually open, leading to more revenue. Since more revenue is being made, this can mean only one thing; sales are up.

Without selling more than you spend, your company is doomed.

No company can last when it is spending more than it is taking in; that is business 101.

By having a website, your company is now given an online presence. This online presence will mix well with the 24/7/365 convenience of the website, pushing customers to buy more. This is also done with basically no limitations to your business. Being visible online is a like an assembly line. You become visible, gain more customers and customer awareness, and that all leads to sales. Without a website, this giant customer market is being completely missed.

A website also allows for you to market in many different ways. There is personal marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, social media, even down to email marketing; the list goes on. A single website for your business can accomplish all these forms of marketing. You can have your site show up higher on googles main page with pay-per-click and SEO marketing funneling more traffic to your business. You can also have social media campaigns that can reach hundreds of thousands of people even furthering your business’s target audience.

The bottom line is this: it is crucial for every single business to have a website.

Without a website to give your business an online presence, you are potentially missing out on hundreds of thousands of new customers. Isn’t the whole point of starting a business is to make money? Nobody starts a business thinking they will spend more than they make and be happy with that. Each and every person wants to bring in more than they spend and grow as big as possible and that cannot be done without websites. Websites are the biggest funnel between you and your customer base, so why would you pass on that?

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